The Art Of Matt Lively At HOBNOB, Inside And Out






HOBNOB mural by Matt Lively of Beecycles.

by Charles McGuigan

Works by the peerless painter and muralist, Matt Lively, will be on display inside and outside of HOBNOB, one of the Northside’s most popular restaurants.

It was back in May that Matt worked his wonders on the northern elevation of the restaurant on Hermitage Road in Lakeside.  Kristin Thoroman, co-owner of HOBNOB, explains how she and her husband contracted Matt do great the mural Beecyles on the façade of their restaurant.

“The project came about this spring after Matt came in for dinner at HOBNOB,” she says. “We’ve always loved his work, and he loved our trout dip. We had a few discussions about the vision for the mural. In addition to the Beecycles, we wanted a nod to our specific spot in the Lakeside neighborhood, so Matt . incorporated a rainbow of zinnias, which are now in full bloom in front of the restaurant.”

Matt began the mural on Sunday, May 26, and, working with the fury of a god, had it completed in five days.  “Richmond Time Lapse captured the entire process on film, so we still have the opportunity to share the transformation of the building,” says Kristin.  “The process was incredibly exciting. We had so many people stop by to watch Matt work and once the Beecycles started going up, we had plenty of . honking horns, thumbs up, and shouts of affirmation.  Since then, we’ve had countless people stop to take a photo with the mural. One dad told me that his young daughter sees the mural every day on the way to school and she just loves it. It seems to be a real landmark in the community now and we are so glad to be a part of the creative culture in the Lakeside neighborhood.”

It’s also inspired at least one other Lakeside business owner to follow suite. Jonathan Axselle is considering commissioning a mural to be painted on one of the exterior walls of Axselle Auto Service on Lakeside Avenue.


Painting by Matt Lively that will be on display at HOBNOB through November.

And now, in a partnership with Glave Kocen Gallery, HOBNOB will be featuring Matt Lively’s artwork in an indoor exhibit. The show will be on display from September 21 through November 23.

Make sure to drop by for the opening of the exhibit from 1pm till 3pm on September 21. You’ll be able to purchase Matt’s art and sample some of the great food HOBNOB is known for.


Tuesday-Friday, 11-11; Saturday, 5-11; Sunday, 9-3

6010 Hermitage Road


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