Bike Racks in Bellevue

Many thanks to the girls in Junior Girl Scout Troop 855 who, with the help of residents and merchants of Bellevue, have brought bike racks to Bellevue. This troop of Bellevue neighbors have been in Girl Scouts together since they formed a Daisy group in kindergarten. Lewis Ginter Recreation Association has shared its space with the troop since they began to meet. Over the last several months the troop has worked tirelessly on bringing the bike racks to Bellevue, to encourage people to ride bikes for fun and to benefit both their own health and the environment. Brad Pearson, dad to one of the scouts, and Bob Kocher of Once Upon A Vine were instrumental in coordinating the project. The girls decorated cans and placed them in stores, met with many of the Bellevue merchants to request donations, and contributed their own funds from past cookie sales toward the Bike Racks in Bellevue project. So thank you, Junior Girl Scout Troop 855, and let’s fill up those bike racks as we patronize our local merchants.

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