Chip in for Kaity Kasper: As She Again Battles Cancer


If you’re a Northsider, chances are you know Kaity Kasper. She’s an attorney, a cancer survivor, a writer, a gifted story telleer, and a spiritual guide. Not long ago, many of us heard that Kaity had sold her house on Brook Road with plans of moving to Charlottesville. After downsizing and moving to Charlottesville, she got some bad news. Recently, Kaity posted this on Facebook:

“As many of you have begun to hear, earlier this week I received my third cancer diagnosis. I knew if this time ever came that chemotherapy would not be an option I would consider. I have done it twice – each time with less than ideal results. I am fortunate to have an extremely compassionate and brilliant care team on my side who have put together an alternative protocol they feel will be successful in getting this out of my system for good. More on that later.

“For now, my first set of orders was to ‘change everything’. In that vein, I’ve sold or donated 98% of what I own and Hope and I will be leaving Virginia to relocate to Ohio in a handful of days. Regardless of whether or not this protocol works, I plan to spend the rest of my life living slowly and quietly in nature with those I love most. This move will facilitate that.

“I have been asked how people can help. My course of treatment is not covered by insurance and is not inexpensive. A dear friend has set up a Go Fund Me page to assist in paying for those costs. If you feel compelled to help, this is the most needed item right now.


That dear friend Kaity refers to is Bellevue resident Mary-Catherine Berry, who wrote: “Recently, Kaity was re-diagnosed with cancer in her lower abdomen. As traumatic as this is, her doctor is super optimistic about the success of her treatment plan so she can get back to living her great life! Treatment will require regimented diets, supplements and regular medical procedures starting immediately and continuing through the next few months. She’ll need our prayers, thoughts and love!”

The outpouring of support for Kaity Kasper was immediate. In a little over a week the original Go Fund Me goal of $16,000 was reached.  But the bills are piling up fast. The new goal is $32,000, which is not much when you consider the outrageous costs of healthcare.

So Kaity wrote, “Hi friends! This is Kaity. Mary-Catherine let me hack in to update you and say a huge thank you! I am overwhelmed by the generosity that has been shown in the last several days.

“You’ll notice we increased the goal for this fund. We did this at the encouragement of several dear friends. $16K is my health insurance out-of-pocket maximum and will cover my out-of-pocket expenses for the ER visit, two drains, surgery later this week, and all of the imaging done in the last 2 weeks.”

To donate, please go to

While you’re at it visit Kaity’s blog at

And here’s an audio story about Kaity Kasper and her unique spiritual journey.


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