GinterPark Library Tracks


GinterPark Library Tracks

Natalie Draper, circulation supervisor,

Kerry Phillips, branch manager

Yusuf Brown, library assistant

We closed down the end of July. So that’s been a long time.

Kerry and Natalie were at the Main Library.

Yusuf, West End, Belmont, back here for now.

It cost about 1 million

They really basically overhauled the whole building. We’ve got a new generator. So that if we run out of electricity we’ll still be up, at leas the front desk. They turned the carport into nice meeting room. It’s going to be the largest meeting room in the system outside of the Main Library.  Occupancy of 57.

The carport was the garage. It was the garage in the back they toodd the whole thing and made it into a meeting room. The completely reconfigured the restrooms over to one side, put in a janitor’s closet, a data room, a children’s office and a storage area. That all runs along one side of the wall and the rest is open to the meeting room.

The ffootprint of the building is the same. We’re just getting to use space that we didn’t get to use before.

New lighting, new electrical work, some new windows.

Bathrooms are much larger.

All the shelving is new

All the furniture is new, all the carpet is new.

There’s going to be a tackable wall surface going up on a number of the walls where we can post things, displays and information.

They put blinds and film on these windows south facing, The sun bleached the book spines and we were blinded by the light.

Track 40

We weeded out some volumes.

We’ve got a totally reconfigured back office, workspace for us with some light which is nice. I’m ready to get back seeing our patrons for one thing. I worked behind the scenes at Main I was givng the project of weeding the reference collection so I didn’t get down and work with patrons. At Belmont and West end for two wweks each filling in for branch managers and got to see some patrons at both of those libraries.

I miss our people and the variety of people we have.

We’ve got two new staff members open at North Avenue and one at Hull Street.

MonWed 12-8

Tues, Thurs, Fri, 10-6

Sat 10-5


Tori Nunnally, E

It’s going to be more comfortable for people I think for the different kinds of things that they’re doing in libraries now. People come in and work on their laptops and we have much better data access for them and plugs and all the tables the spaces are more comfortable for the kind of coworking people do in libraries. The computer lab will be much better. So we’ll have 17 computers and in the children’s section we’ll have two or three full pcs and two of the computers that just have the early literacy games on them.

Lots of people have come in through the back door

Track 41

We have programs set up. We’re going to have a fitness program on Monday nights, open free to the public. Any adults who want to come in and get their sweat on can come from six to seven and do some aerobics with a warmup. Partner ship between Sport Backers and the Department of Health.

We have a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program using Legos for kids mostly second to fifth graders, third Saturday of the month.

Story time will be resuming as normal on Tuesday and Thrusdays in April. She’ll be introducing a sensory friendly story time too at some point. Tori.

We need a firm opening date. Vaguely at the beginning of March. This is not going to be our lighting at the circulation desk. We’ve got the big drum lights they’re on back order. New signage and lighting.


Track 39

Ginter Park Public

Library To Reopen

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