New Exhibitions at artspace

Three new solo exhibitions will be opening at artspace gallery on January 28, 2011 from 7-10pm and will continue through February 20, 2011.  Claire Feng from Washington DC and John MacLellan and Chris Semtner from Richmond will present figurative works.  Claire Feng will exhibit “Kids don’t know” in the Main Gallery, a series of paintings and monotypes based on images of children.  Generated from both snapshots and found images, Feng’s work shows a sense of incompleteness, dislocation, and ambiguity.  By questioning the presumed carefree joys of childhood, her work challenges common clichés and leaves the viewer in front of the familiar and the strange, the obvious and the latent, the apparent, and the unknown.  Born in China, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre in Brussels, and her Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art from the American University in Washington DC.  Feng has exhibited her paintings throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

John MacLellan will be showing digital photographs in the Helena Davis Gallery. His work features figures in unique settings with heightened color and a quiet and unsettling sense of drama.  Color,staging, and angle all contribute to the implied narrative.  These photos will also elicit questions from the viewer.  These provoking images have a sense of the unfamiliar and even a haunting quality. His technical mastery invites serious contemplation.  John received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University in Communication Arts and Design.  He has worked as an Art Director for several corporations in Richmond and currently is a Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer.  Originally from Nova Scotia, John is a naturalized US citizen since 1960 and has exhibited widely in Virginia.

Chris Semtner will be showing his unusual figurative paintings in the Frable Gallery.  Chris is a Virginia artist with an international exhibition record. He is the curator of the Edgar Allen Poe Museum and a member of the Exhibitions Committee at artspace Gallery in Richmond where he served as co chair for several years. .  .  His photographs have appeared in several publications including the London Daily Telegraph and Rue Morgue Magazine in Canada.  Semtner has served as the Content Editor for two biographies of Poe, has published several short stories, and has been interviewed multiple times for television and radio in the United States and Canada.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 12-4pm, or by appointment and is located at Zero East 4th Street in Richmond, Virginia 23224. 232-6464.

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