Paul’s Place Revisited


Three bikes straddling the rooftop above Paul’s Place in lower North Side announce a major change.

Years ago, Paul Ferramosca purchased the old Solite building on Overbrook Road. Twelve years back he began loading it with everything from vintage lighting to cast-iron bathtubs.

“So back in the spring we did an auction and we got rid of ninety percent of the inventory on the inside and outside of this facility,” says Paul’s wife and partner, Lisa. “Everything went. Then we renovated, we painted, and started restocking the store from all of our other inventory”

The difference is night and day. “It’s not as busy,” Lisa says. “It’s more antiques, vintage, collectibles. You can see it all.”

Working side by side with the Ferramosca’s was their shop manager, Farrahn Edmonds, of whom Lisa says, “We couldn’t have done it without her.”

“You can breathe in here now,” Lisa says.

“And find what you’re looking for,” adds Farrahn.

“We specialize in renovating historical lighting,” says Lisa .

“And we have wrought iron, we have tubs, we have doors, we have windows,” Farrahn says. “We have everything you want to redo your house

“As long as it was built before 1950,” says Paul. “We only have the historical stuff. So much of this stuff is going away, and once it’s gone it’s no more.”

“And we will work with you,” Lisa says. “We like our finds to go to a good home.”

In front of the building, looking at the new storefront elevation, Lisa says, “We wanted it to pop out, it was so bland. We wanted something that would catch your attention.”

Farrahn nods. “Bicycles mounted on the roof,” she says. “This is RVA.”

Paul’s Place

1009 Overbrook Road

Friday and Saturday, 10-5; Sunday 12-5


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