Restaurant Review of Ginter Parked: Crabcake Perfection

Ginter Parked

Crab Cake Perfection

by Anne Jones

Ginter Parked crab cake


I’m covered in shame. I have lived across the street from Ginter Parked since last summer, and never visited till last week.  That’s a whole year I’ll never get back. It was so frequently recommended to me that it became an item on my to-do list, a definite strike against future achievement. It was just too easy, right there in the Once Upon A Vine lot on MacArthur Avenue, maybe a little like one of those movies that gets raved about so much that a let-down is practically guaranteed. But last week I finally went and picked up dinner for me and a friend. Crab cake for me, Chinese chicken for him.

At first, the crab cake didn’t look like anything special, except it was a little bigger than your standard cake, and also flatter. It seemed wide, not thick. It wasn’t piled up and rounded off, like so many of its disappointing peers. It just sat on its bun, all plain and brown and proud. That’s because it was all alone, a pioneer in a world of over-seasoned, over-stuffed, over-priced, over Old-Bayed, filler-laden crab cakes. It’s flatness? Proof that there was nothing there but the meat. Big, buttery, beautiful, thumb-sized lumps of pure crab meat. I assume there had to be binding material in there to hold it together, but it was barely discernible. This was pretty close to my standard order of plain sauteed jumbo lump crab meat I used to get at the old Skillagallee restaurant. The top was browned beautifully, not crusty, just enough to keep it well-put together. This crab cake was a masterpiece.

And maybe too good to be true. So I went back and got two more for me and my mother a few days later, just to test the consistency. A+. Exactly the same – a delectable patty of pure lump crab meat, for $12 no less. This time I got a side of cilantro slaw, which was both crunchy and moist and seasoned perfectly, and Bob whipped up some green beans that were fresh and crispy. There are usually 7-8 items on the menu, with the classic and perfect crab cake and a burger “any way you want” always available.

Once again, we have lucked out here in Bellevue. Most people have to go downtown or find some hipster event or a church parking lot in the summer to get the food truck experience. We’ve got the best one in town all year round right in the neighborhood. It’s open Wednesday – Sunday evenings from 4-8, and for lunch on Fridays and Saturdays. Just go!

-Anne Jones

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