Stir Crazy Cafe Extends Its Hours


Stir Crazy Café fairly bustles from the moment the door opens in the morning until the lock snaps shut in the evening.  This past spring, owners Tre and Vickie Hall really beefed up the menu at what has become one of the North Side’s favorite spots. Part of it’s the ambience (which is like your own living/dining room), part of it’s the baristas and other staff, but it’s also the extraordinary food and beverages they serve up, and the customers, who are almost familial in their interactions.

So that people can get a little more of Stir Crazy, hours have been extended to seven in the evening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. “Hopefully it will catch on,” says Tre Hall. “The menu stays the same including breakfast all day. And if this works out we’ll go to seven, seven days a week.”


Stir Crazy Café

Mon-Thur, 7-5; Fri, 7-7; Sat & Sun, 7:30-7

4015 MacArthur Ave, Richmond, VA 23227

(804) 864-0264


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